Customer Testimonials

Changing your ERP system is a major decision that can have a decisive impact on any business. After a few meetings to analyze our system and the proposals made by Elian Solutions, we decided to adopt Elian’s solution.

When we started with the new system, Dynamics NAV, on January 1st 2010, we thought that in the first days there would be problems inherent to any start up.

But Elian Solutions stood by us and the transition to the new system was much easier than we imagined. The new system brought us benefits that were quickly felt. The system helps us to efficiently manage the activities of: item documentation, pricing and discounting, promotions, procurement, customer balance tracking, financial analysis, budgeting and even logistics.
Now we know at any time where an item is, even on which shelf it is placed. We can serve customers more quickly.

The old system was very lax and any user could make operating mistakes; we wasted a lot of time making all sorts of corrections. From this point of view, Dynamics NAV gives us control of each user’s access, according to their role and the activity they perform, and those errors are no longer possible.

Victor Matache
General Manager

The Dynamics NAV application has benefited us especially in terms of tracking production costs by material type. We can now compare the estimated unit cost with the realized cost and know at any time the profitability of each item we produce, which allows us to be more flexible with pricing policies in a very dynamic sector.

When we needed to change our production flows, Elian Solutions was with us so the new way of working was immediately reflected in Dynamics NAV. Also with the help of Dynamics NAV we get the reporting to the group in Germany in the format required by them.

Elian Solutions has proven to be a reliable partner since we started working together and has helped us in the development of the information system.

Camelia Chirtu
Financial Director

Elian Solutions has proven that they understand the problems we face and can solve them operationally.

The specifics of our business – long cycle agricultural production – make tracking unfinished production very important to us. For any cultivated land, we create a production order in Dynamics NAV in which we record all costs and thus know at any time the value of unfinished production.

For overheads, Elian Solutions has created a development that allows us to allocate these costs to the final product according to a distribution key set by us; we therefore have a complete picture of the cost of the product.

Aurelia Dumitrica
Chief Accountant

Riso Scotti Group Romania must report to Riso Scotti Group Italy according to the balance sheet required by Italian law. This is not a problem for us; we can get the information directly from Dynamics NAV, from the Economic Indicators module.

We needed a development that would allow us to have more control over the payments made. Elian Solutions has created a payment authorisation system for us, so no purchase order can be operated in the system without prior authorisation. It is a reliable partner with whom we can grow our business.

Roberto Busollini
General Manager

We wanted an ERP system that would provide us with an integration between accounting and production, inventory, management. Dynamics NAV now provides us with this, information is centralized and reporting can be done in real time, which was not possible before.

Cristian Dumitrescu
General Manager