ELIAN ERP SaaS Business Central Localization Details

  • Integration with MT940 format bank or from CSV, Excel file templates parameterizable by the user;
  • Unique Registration Code check with internal partners, on the www.verificaretva.ro platform or with the Ministry of Finance platform;
  • 394 declaration, using Duk Integrator and associated electronic signature;
  • VAT statement, parameterizable by the user;
  • Vies – with daily online verification of partners on http://ec.europa.eu;
  • Instrastat – managing customs tariff codes at item nomenclature level;
  • Management of advance expenses directly from the purchase invoice, specifying the associated invoice account and depreciation period;
  • Penalties calculation with customer notification.
  • Management of accruals with their creation at the end of the month and their reversal on the first of the following month, in a single record;
  • Management of car expenses with fiscal limitation, automatically per car number specified by the user on the invoice, tax receipt;
  • System-generated payment suggestion, which generates pending payment orders in Online Banking, using ROI files;
  • Customer and supplier balance confirmations with automated sending process to email addresses maintained at partner level;
  • Various notifications on overdue invoices, segmenting customer lists differently;
  • Split VAT, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, SAH Sheet, VAT Journals;
  • Account sheet, Partner sheet, Balances.

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