ELIAN ERP SaaS Manufacturing Solution Details

  • Partner management. For the management of RO and EU partners, online Unique Code Registration verification is implemented;
  • Manufacturing process management at actual or standard cost. For the real cost, the process of redistribution of indirect expenses in the production cost is developed, according to various distribution keys;
  • Management of production in progress, including here the reallocation of indirect costs according to different allocation keys;
  • Planning of production processes, according to the time required for setting up, preparation and execution of operations on production lines and workshops;
  • Assembly-disassembly process at bill of materials level;
  • Raw material supply planning, according to sales forecasts and production planning;
  • Management of the subcontracting process to third parties;
  • Availability calculation of delivery of parcels, which compose a finished product;
  • Multiple deliveries to different customers, from several orders, in one truck;
  • Use of readers in: reception of raw materials, consumption of raw materials on production lines, obtaining sub-assemblies and finished products, preparation of deliveries;
  • Restriction of the sales process to a selling price below production costs;
  • Management of rejects both in the production process and in the sales process, based on rejects;
  • Sample management;
  • Quality control management, with the creation of a sample sheet, individually identified on the database;
  • Sales approval process, by location codes, divisions, cost centres, by approver hierarchies.

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