ELIAN ERP SaaS Agricultural Production Solution Details

  • Managing the process of real estate activity in order to compact land for agricultural production;
  • Management of plots at crop and agricultural activity level;
  • Management of daily work orders;
  • Management of the supplies from own pumps, but also from MOL or OMV;
  • Management of the crop sheet, at the level of type of expense, type of agricultural activity, with automatic recording of production in progress;
  • Management of the harvesting process at the level of notice number, driver name, truck number and quality parameters: moisture, impurities, foreign bodies, protein, cellulose, fat, etc..;
  • Suggestion of storage in bins/silos according to quality parameters: moisture, impurities, etc..;
  • Suggestion of cereal mixing from the system, depending on the quality parameters negotiated in the cereal sales contracts;
  • Fleet management, with planning of periodic overhauls and planning of purchase of consumables and spare parts;
  • Carrying out consumption of spare parts and consumables using barcode readers;
  • Keeping track of expenditure at the level of the machine/agricultural equipment;
  • Distribution of indirect expenditure at crop level by area or number of hours worked per agricultural activity at crop level;
  • Management of cereal deliveries at contract level and quality parameters;
  • Management of cereal receipts at contract level and quality parameters;
  • Management of lease contracts.

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