The e-Invoice system for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV (Navision)

Starting from January 1, 2024, all companies and entrepreneurs, VAT payers or not, are required to send invoices through e-invoice to the ANAF portal. From July 1, 2024, only electronic invoices sealed by the Ministry of Finance after transmission in e-Invoice will still be considered original documents that produce tax effects.

Elian Solutions has developed for its clients the functionality to transmit sales invoices and credit notes to the ANAF portal, a feature that also allows the import of invoices from suppliers. The development is available for both Dynamics 365 Business Central and for older product versions, starting with Dynamics NAV 2013 up to Dynamics NAV 2018.

The generated XML files can be transmitted to ANAF individually or in bulk, and the application automatically checks the status of the documents sent. These features aim to automate processes that previously required many hours of work, turning legislative requirements into a simple formality.

The delivery of the solution is also accompanied by our implementation services, which involve integrating the solution into the client’s system, according to the version of Dynamics NAV (Navision) or Business Central used, as well as the necessary settings (units of measurement according to international standard codes, payment methods, etc.).

If you need this development for your company’s ERP system (Business Central or Dynamics NAV), do not hesitate to contact us!

Elian Solutions’ e-Invoice functionalities

The bulk send button

With a single click, users can transmit an unlimited number of invoices, with the option to apply customized filters.

The job functionality

Invoices and credit notes can be automatically sent for the current day, eliminating laborious manual processes.

The automatic verification and saving of documents

After sending the invoices, another job automatically checks their status at ANAF and downloads and saves the .xml files with electronic signature, granting them legal validity.

The downloading of invoices from suppliers

Invoices from suppliers are taken directly from the SPV website, and our functionality allows for downloading invoices (from corporate suppliers) from SPV directly into Business Central, attaching the invoice in .pdf format and creating purchase invoices from the list of received invoices.

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