Sales & marketing

The Sales and Marketing module allows you to manage the sales process, from the issuing of the sales offer to the issuing of the final invoice. It allows the management of leads (potential customers) from the first contact with the lead to the generation of the first sales order.

One of the consequences of living in the digital age is that we deal with a huge amount of information. As a result, we are often distracted and distracted. Marketers must navigate data, processes and tools while making sense of conflicting or unclear expectations.
Key considerations for delivering an intelligent sales and marketing solution include:

* Systems to interact effectively with customers;
* The need for effective tools to deliver the right messages at the right time to customers;
* A 360 degree view of customer activities and perceptions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales helps you modernize your sales productivity, meet the challenges of the digital age, and enables you to better understand your customers, leading to better deals.

And Dynamics 365 Business Central Marketing helps you find and develop the right prospects. With Dynamics 365 Business Central Marketing, modern specialists use smarter ways to find the right prospects and build long-term relationships.

So sales and marketing teams share a single source of information, tools, and processes through Dynamics 365 Business Central Sales and Marketing

Among the features of the module we list:

* The possibility of multiple deliveries and multiple invoices from the sales order;
* Flexible processing of receipts by choosing how to apply customer payments to their invoices;
* Establishing complex discount and pricing policies at customer, item or combination of these;
* Possibility to set quantitative and value targets for sales volume at customer and item level and monitor their achievement;
* Contact management – allows to define and maintain general information about companies and contacts;
* Sales opportunities and sales team management;
* Document management through the interaction log, where interactions with contacts, such as phone calls, meetings, letters or e-mails can be recorded. If an interaction contains a document it can be saved at contact level and can be accessed later;
* Define segments and marketing campaigns;
* Integration with Microsoft Office Outlook (contacts, tasks, meetings, etc.)

Cost: Reduce operational costs by automating multiple delivery and billing operations and by flexible processing of receipts – you can choose to pay in instalments or one-off payments, depending on the customer.

Time: Significantly reduces reporting time across all internal processes through better and easier management of contacts, sales opportunities and documents.

Risk: Reduces business risk through traceability and transparency of information