ELIAN ERP SaaS Retail & Distribution Solution Details

  • Simplified customer record for retail sales;
  • Detailed customer form for distribution business;
  • Unique Registration Code check for internal partners, on www.verificaretva.ro platform or with the finance ministry platform;
  • EU partners Unique Registration Code check on http://ec.europa.eu platform;
  • Price lists by customer group;
  • Specific price lists per customer;
  • Management of campaigns and sales promotions;
  • Discount lists by customer group or customer specific;
  • Stocks in own warehouses;
  • Third party stocks;
  • Integration with scanners, both in the warehouse and on the sales process;
  • Integration with cash register or fiscal printer;
  • Checking customer credit limits and overdue invoices, including customer notification;
  • Integration with online shops, with real-time stock checking and booking;
  • Budget management with verification of the degree of realisation: budgeted versus realised;
  • Mobility via mobile and tablet client;
  • BI reporting tool included.

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