Implementation services

Business requirements phase

This analysis document is a summary of the discussions the implementers had with the beneficiary’s implementation team members. The document intends to give a detailed description of the processes taking place in the company and provides information on:

  • Physical (geographical) diagram
  • Departmental diagram
  • Technical and business requirements for each project area
  • Technical and business requirements that are outside the implementation area
  • Potential risks
  • Degree of complexity of the project
  • Proposed process flow changes

The deliverable of this phase is the Business requirements document for each module analyzed.

Diagnostic Report phase

It is carried out with the direct participation of the customer’s team of specialists in which each functional requirement is taken and shown to the customer how it is managed in the standard system. Following the presentation, the requirements are solved with a FIT mark when the way of working in the standard system is validated by the customer or with GAP when the lack of functionality is determined and a development will be needed. The end of the phase is marked by the editing of the Diagnostic Report by Elian Solutions.

During the Diagnostic phase the requirements for the integration of the specific requirements into the application are established.

The Diagnostic Report is a deliverable that will be reviewed and approved by the members of the two implementation teams.

Analysis phase

During this phase a review of the requirements marked in the diagnostic report with the beneficiary specific system and business GAPs will be done. The resulting deliverable will be the FRD (Functional Requirements Document).

The FRD will be edited by Elian Solutions team and reviewed by the beneficiary team. The document will be approved and then the next phases of the project will proceed.

Partial Project Acceptance marks the endorsement by the beneficiary of the documents resulting from the Diagnostic and Analysis phases and the freezing of the requirements for the application functionalities.

Design phase

The objectives of the design phase are the following:

  • To obtain a detailed description of the system modifications
  • To obtain a detailed description of the future business processes defined in the Gap-Fit analysis
  • To obtain a detailed description of the interfaces to be connected to the system according to the Gap-Fit analysis
  • To obtain a detailed description of the data to be converted in order to launch the new system according to the gap-fit worksheet.

These descriptions must reach a level of detail and content to allow developers to make system changes according to requirements.

Development phase

Internal Testing phase

Installation, Setup and Client Testing phase

In the programming phase, the source program for each functional module is created as well as the integration with existing platforms, if any.

The internal testing phase is carried out on separate modules and on modules integrated into the application system.

During this phase the performance of the beta version of the application is evaluated and possible corrections are implemented based on user feedback.

Training  of key users phase

Since upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an important step – especially in terms of access to new system features, you have our full support to transition to the newest version in an easy way.

Deliverable: video /document workflows

Development & Operation phase

In this phase Go Live takes place.

The strategy for successful implementation of the project is based on several essential factors, such as:

  • A very good communication/collaboration between Elian Solutions project teams and the beneficiary team;
  • A good planning of the analysis activities, so as not to affect the daily work of the beneficiary’s experts who participate in defining the requirements for each functionality;
  • Active participation of users from the beneficiary in the presentation of prototypes, beta testing and final testing of the application;
  • An efficient exchange of data between the consultants of the beneficiary and the Elian Solutions team when defining the functional requirements and the calculation algorithms;
  • A fast decision making process to ensure that solutions to problems arising during development are agreed upon.

Project implementation is clearly defined in terms of time, resources, budget and deliverables across all project phases.

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